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    NEW YEARS EVE 2020

    This is your invitation to be part of history as we showcase our EssenceAWARE™ soulmate recognition technology to match 10,000 to 25,000 Soulmate Project members.

  • Don't Date, Soulmate

    Find deep harmonic connections

    For many, the word soulmate conjures up images of an elusive mythicial dream of romantic destiny, others envisions a deep harmonic connection of body, mind, and soul. Some don't believe. Years of soul research has shown that high level soulmate relationships have always been available. But without soul recognition tools, we were not able to see them.

  • Presenting EssenseAWARE™

    What we can measure, you can manage

    This futuristic soul recognition technology allows your soul's essence and its desired destiny to be seen and understood. Because we can read the human soul, our algorithms are able to predict soulmate level relationships.
    Experienced by tens of thousands of soul seekers worldwide. see 500+ soul reading testomonies »

  • The Theory of Synchronicity

    To the magician, there is no magic

    Energetically, soulmates and other synchronicities appear in our field as we see, embrace and express our own unique soul essence and destiny. This is why almost every great sage spoke of "Know thy self, and to thine own self be true".

  • This journey begins with you

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    True soul level understanding is essential for us to experience soulmate level relationships. Once you become a member test your current soul alignment, take your powerful personalized Soul Discovery Course, and explore tools to help you understand your past/present relationships. All this and more are waiting for you inside.

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Intro to The Soulmate Project

The Soulmate Project is a rich soulmate enviroment designed to empower quality relationships with EssenceAWARE™ soulmate recognition AI technology. Our relationship algorithms can accurately predict chemistry, compatibility, co-creative destiny, and timing and opportunity of any two souls, including for you and your pets. This site is for all ages, and all types of relationships and status who wish to co-create or enhance existing relationships based on mutual understanding of each others true soul nature. We am excited to see you inside and hope we can help each other fulfill our destiny.

"This soul connection revolution has the power to radically transform lives and create beautiful and lasting relationships." Stephan ~ soul researcher, founder, and lover of your soul

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Soulmate Revolution-NYE 2020

  • What: We are going to make history by matching up thousands of soulmate seekers together based on our EssenceAWARE soulmate recognition technology™
  • Where: On-line and soulmate results sent to your email inbox
  • When: December 31st, 2020

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90 Day Soulmate Project Membership for ONLY $25

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