• The Soulmate Project

    ...merging spirituality, science and love

    Energetically, soulmates and other synchronicities appear in our field as we see, embrace and express our own unique soul essence and destiny.".

  • Don't Date, Soulmate

    ...find deep harmonic connections

    For many, the word soulmate conjures up images of an elusive mythicial dream of romantic destiny. But, what if our new technology can find them for you, and all you need to do is get ready?

  • Soulmate Recognition


    Our breakthrough in human understanding allows your soul's essence and its desired destiny to be seen and understood at a profound level. Because of this, our algorithms are able to predict soulmate level relationships..

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    True soul level understanding is essential to experience soulmate level relationships. Become a member, test your current soul alignment, take your personalized Soul Discovery Course, and explore tools to help you understand your past/present relationships. All this and more are waiting for you inside.


    ...NEW YEARS EVE 2022

    Your membership is your ticket to be part of history as we showcase our EssenceAWARE™ soulmate recognition technology on December 31st, 2022 or as soon as we reach 10,000+ members.

"It is a time of GREAT AWAKENING.
A time for waking up to who you are, not who others think you are. Not just fulfilling the needs and wishes of a society of others."
Abraham Hicks

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As a member you will be guided through our soul discovery process that promotes self-empowerment, authenticity and a safe space for all. In our community, real ages and authenticity are essential to ensure high quality connections and accuracy of your compatibility with others.

(For fun and education we even have a soulFAMOUS matching page.)

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Our Soul and Soumlate Journey Designed for YOU.